Ödland Kybernetisch

by Purple Johnson Blimp Situation



The soundtrack to emptiness.

"Ödland Kybernetisch" is German for Cybernetic Wasteland.
At least that's what Google tells us. It probably doesn't mean that at all. It probably means we were just caught red handed acting like a bunch of pretentious artsy wankers.
This piece was spontaneously performed using only a distortion pedal and a faulty lead. The sounds and signals you hear are the inaudible sounds of various lights and displays, and an optical mouse, all picked up by the faulty lead and amplified with the distortion pedal.

"Blimps for "Bob"" is an energetic noise piece that has been floating around for a while, but never had an official release or an album to call home. Until now...

"Vertigod" is an ambient noise piece that was one of many originally intended to appear on "Twelve" as a filler between the rock songs. Instead it has found a more suitable place on this EP.

"You know that guy? Terry? Had a beard? He used to work here!? I found him dead in a hotel room in Amsterdam. He said if I'm ever hungry in Australia, to come to you guys and you'll give me a free pizza. That's what Terry said before he died. Yeah, I'll have a family!" has no explanation whatsoever.


released November 27, 2014

All sounds and arrangements found out by
Purple Johnson Blimp Situation.

Purple Johnson Blimp Situation are:
Captain Norwood Grimes and Captain Peter Because.



all rights reserved


Purple Johnson Blimp Situation Adelaide, Australia

Purple Johnson Blimp Situation.
Working with chaos and deterring
listeners since 2006.

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