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We often talked about writing a rock based album, saying
"Our next album should be a rock album."
I guess you could say we started writing this album back in 2010.
We wrote "The Theme from The Dirigible", "If I Knew You Naked" and "Who Gives a Fuck Anyway?" originally for our 8th album, '1937'.
The funny thing there is, '1937' was going to be that rock album, but the experimental pieces severely outnumbered the rock songs in the end. So we scrapped the rock songs and I suppose they became the
b sides to '1937'.

After the Food Album we decided to write another noise album.
Probably because of the surprising success of our second
Halloween show, where we blasted harsh noise for half an hour at
(not to) a room full of metal heads and punks, while we tried to
perform a live surgery.
But we failed...
So we served body parts on platters that were handed around to the members of the audience by Harleyquin Z. Jones.
But of course in true PJBS fashion we got sidetracked and found ourselves discovering and working on some old bones.

We named this album Twelve because this is our 12th album as
Purple Johnson Blimp Situation and not because Black Sabbath named their album 13. Plus we thought of it before they did. In fact, if you consider the (The Cheese Dirigible's) PJBS EP as a
Purple Johnson album too, then this is our 13th record.
But we don't, so you shouldn't either.
Unless you're a completest, we don't wanna upset the completest.

Purple Johnson Blimp Situation are:
Captain Norwood Grimes
Captain Peter Because

All Performances by Purple Johnson Blimp Situation except the guitar solo in "I'm Not Saying It's Aliens" by Andrew Puskic Garner or Harleyquin Z Jones (this can neither be confirmed or denied).
Also, random members from the balloonminati screamed "ALIENS" on "I'm Not Saying It's Aliens."

Purple Johnson Blimp Situation would like to thank "Bob",
the balloonminati, Mark Sherlock, Orla Nottage, Harleyquin Z. Jones, Shaun 'KidCrusher' Monatgue, Andrew Puskic Garner, Klay Wood, Spud Wood, Joshy, Simon Warrener, Brad Stokes, Danny Foale,
Guts mate, everybody we've ever worked and jammed with,
The House of Cuckoos, mums and dads, brothers and sisters,
Buddy, Lester, Zeus, Tillie, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Billy Joel,
Micheal Bolton, Greg Norman, The Honorable Harry Jenkins,
I'll Have a Suss & The Old School Mistress, Sweaty Men &
The Roving Doctors Convention, Dunny Budgie & The Fucken Flies,
The Alex Jonestown Massacre Orchestra, A Catastrophe of Elderly, flan, fish milk, slack, dad jokes, sleep deprivation, all of our friends and all of our enemies except Bono, "Bob", tetris, cats and anybody who buys this album... You've got potential.

We would also like to thank Joe Newman from The Rudy Schwartz Project, for letting us put our cover of "Moammar's Tractor" on the album.


released September 1, 2013

All selections by Purple Johnson Blimp Situation except:
"Moammar's Tractor" by Joe Newman, Rudy Schwartz Publishing (BMI)
"Lick My Armpit, Darling Bea" by PJBS and Sergei Prokofiev.

By the way, those "body parts" were just meats n cheese n
dips n crackers n snacks n stuff. You know? Platter stuff.



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Purple Johnson Blimp Situation Adelaide, Australia

Purple Johnson Blimp Situation.
Working with chaos and deterring
listeners since 2006.

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